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Conditions of Use - "NV at Home"

    NV GALLERY provides a service that allows you to download files and content from its website www.nvgallery.com. These files are intended to illustrate the use of the items and services offered for sale by NV GALLERY.

    By using NV GALLERY's "NV at Home" service, you agree to the following conditions:

    • You agree to transmit files and content directly which concern articles or services offered for sale by NV GALLERY and from which you directly benefited
    • You unreservedly authorize NV GALLERY to freely distribute the content you transmit using the "NV at Home" service on its website, www.nvgallery.com, and its social network accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) and as part of any marketing activities that are implemented by NV GALLERY or its partners
    • NV GALLERY may display, reproduce, transmit, combine with other materials and use in other activities the files and content you have transmitted, at its discretion and without prior permission
    • You authorize NV GALLERY to freely use the credentials passed through when using the service
    • You acknowledge that you are in full possession of the rights to the files and contents that you transmit by the "NV at Home" service. If the materials are subject to third-party property rights, you agree that you have obtained all the licenses, rights, consents and authorizations required to transmit your materials to NV GALLERY and authorize their usage by NV GALLERY in accordance with the present terms
    • You agree that the transmitted files and contents are not confidential and that NV GALLERY has no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of materials transmitted beyond the conditions described in NV GALLERY's personal data management policy
    • You are legally responsible for the files and contents you transmit to NV GALLERY through the "NV at Home" service. You agree that the transmitted files and contents are not defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, indecent, threatening, harassing, hateful or offensive

    The files and contents transmitted from the "NV at Home" service are published within a maximum of 48 hours after verification by our team. We verify the legal conformity of the files and contents intended to be posted on our site. This moderation aims to prevent the spread of inappropriate or defamatory remarks. NV GALLERY reserves the right to delete any file or items of content that do not comply with the rules defined in these terms.

    For further information, please read the conditions of the NV GALLERY management of personal data policy.