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Episode 8 - Andrea


Today we discover Andrea's Parisian apartment - an atypical space, bold and intimate. Exposed beams from the 19th century, an imposing glass roof installed in the 2000s: these two strong elements set the scene for a successful match between retro and contemporary.

- Can you tell us a bit about yourself ? 

I'm a 33yo Italian who left Milan after university for a Fashion job in London. After 6 years I decided to move to Paris and here I am! :)

How would you define your interior style and what are your inspirations/influences ? 


I like to mix very modern architecture/furniture with old ones. This is why I immediately fell in love with my apartment when I saw the beautiful XIX wooden beams and 11mt glass windows redone in the early 2000's.

My interior style is the same. The furniture doesn't match in terms of style nor time, but for me it works perfectly together.

I get my inspiration mostly while traveling to different cities and discovering hotels,restaurants, shop etc..

- What were the elements that were important to you to include in your home and why ?

The most important thing for me is the light. I'm obsessed with it. I think light can change your mood, that's why I like to often change lamps and their positioning.

- What are you most proud of?

My "timeless" sofa, it was a big investment for me, but definitely worth it!

Three things you look when adding a new interior piece ?

I actually don’t like to add too many pieces I just check if it fits with the rest of the furniture…

I rather keep the open space to highlight the ones I already have.

- Which NV GALLERY piece would you recommend to a friend ? 

I love the minimalism of the TARTAN lamps I have in my kitchen. It's the perfect light for when I’m cooking.

Finally, a book, a film, an address, a recent discovery or a secret… that you would like to share with us ? 

A book : SAPIENS-Yuval Noah Harari
A film : Le fate ignoranti-Ferzan Ozpetek
A place : Melrose Avenue LA
A recent discovery : I discovered an Italian restaurant in Paris where they make just Lasagne, all different kinds.
I’m obsessed with my favorite dish in the world. The name is LALA LA LASAGNERIA.

Instagram: @andrea_pappalettera
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