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At home With Noholita

Season 2 - Episode 1
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Let's discover today @Noholita's freshly renovated house. 230 m2 spread over three levels where the rooms have been redesigned for their functionality with custom-made wardrobes, lots of storage and a style still inspired by holiday homes, inside and out.

Hello Camille, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Camille, better known as Noholita, I am 31 years old and I live in Paris. 

How would you define your interior style? What are your inspirations?

My interior style is a mixture of all my travels and everything I loved there. It's a mix of Ibiza, Tulum, a bit of Los Angeles. I've tried to bring back the inspirations from all those interiors I feel comfortable in abroad.

 What place does interior design have in your daily life?

It's my daily life! I've been a big fan of interior design for years, it's one of the things that gives me the most pleasure. I love to feel good in my home, and to make sure that I have a harmonious interior.

- If we have understood correctly, you have renovated everything in this house, tell us about it. 

Yes, it has been completely renovated. It was originally a loft with a metal Eiffel structure in the style of the New York lofts of 20 years ago. All in all, there were 9 months of work. We completely changed the structure of the house as well as the rooms and their layout. Today, the style is totally different from the original house. 

- What was the most challenging part of the renovation and design project? 

The most challenging part was the whole work and research phase, and I have to admit that I miss it a bit! I loved looking for future pieces and furniture for the house. 

- How did you think about the design of your interior?

I thought of it as a holiday home, I wanted to create a contrast with Paris and make it feel like a trip. We put stone on the floor to remind us of the houses in the south, parquet on the floors and all the paint is lime. These are all small details designed to bring sunshine into the house. We also thought it would be extremely functional: with custom-made furniture, lots of storage space to leave room for decoration, I wanted as little as possible to be lying around in the house, so that everything had its place..

- Do you have a lot of vintage pieces in your home, what is your relationship with vintage?

I've hunted down quite a few pieces for my home: armchairs, tables, outdoor furniture, small decorative objects, vases and even crockery. I've always had the reflex to hunt for vintage and second-hand pieces since my first flat. I love having pieces that have a history so vintage is an integral part of the house.

- What do you like about NV GALLERY? What is your favourite piece?

I like the fact that all the pieces are thought out in the smallest detail, this is one of the things you can't find in other furniture and interior design brands. The designs are qualitative and unique and on top of that, everything is vegan at NV GALLERY!

My favourite piece from NV GALLERY would be the PLATON armchair - all the details are really well thought out.

- What is the link between your interior and your style?

I wouldn't say there's a real direct link between the two, because my interior is in light and white tones, whereas I very often dress in black. And then I like to change the style of my outfits, they can be very casual, sportswear or girly while my interior style doesn't change.

- Finally, what is your current obsession?

My design obsession that I couldn't live without is my BEL AIR outdoor lounge by NV GALLERY, it's comfortable and beautiful. Its beautiful taupe and white stripes are reminiscent of Provence and the south!


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