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At home With Sami Loft

Season 2 - Episode 2
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Sami Loft

-Hi Sami, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name's Sami, I'm 21 and I'm a content creator. I've been making videos for 8 years now, mainly focusing on lifestyle, fashion, decoration and sometimes food. In short, I share my daily life and what I like to do with my community. 

-How would you define your interior style? What inspires you?
JI think my style tends towards mid-century mixed with modern. I'm very fond of the 50s-60s, a clean, refined style, and I also love the 70s-80s, a more retro, colourful style. In my daily inspiration, I really like the instagram account of @okdeon, a photographer and art director based in New York, for his style and decor. I also really like the account of @benji_plant, a content creator who advocates natural and friendly decor. 

-What's the link between your interior and your style?

I think there are a lot of similarities between the two with the presence of vintage, a rather retro style in terms of both decoration and clothing. There's also a similarity in the colours (earth, olive green, sunflower yellow) and in the fact that I buy second-hand items. 

-If we've understood correctly, you're living in a shared apartment? How did you come up with the design and the spaces, given that there are two of you living there?

In our flat-share, I did all the decorating. It's something I really enjoy doing and my flatmate was totally on board with it. So I designed and thought out the space for the two of us, with her approval in advance of course. As for the choice of spaces, it was quick, everything was self-evident. Everyone found their own space, especially in the bedrooms. We're open to change, so we'll see what happens next. 

-What role does interior design play in your daily life?

I've always been very interested in architecture and interior design. Before I moved into this flat, it was already one of my passions. I've only just finished decorating our flat and I'm already looking forward to moving again so I can decorate the next one. Finally, in general, the series or programmes I watch are often about interior design, decorating, house tours, etc.

-Have you hunted down a lot of pieces at home, what's your relationship with vintage?

Half the furniture in the flat has been found. It's something I love doing! Firstly from an ecological point of view, with the idea of giving a product a second life, but also because I think that it's in vintage and second-hand furniture that you find the most beautiful pieces. I love vintage pieces and 'collecting' them at home because I think these pieces have the most character and history. 

-What do you love about NV GALLERY? What is your favourite piece?

NV GALLERY products are good quality and I appreciate the approach of offering products that are both high quality yet affordable. I also like the fact that there are different styles with a choice of shapes, colours, materials, etc. If I had to choose my favourite pieces, I'd say the ANTONIO coffee table, the AUDEN mirror and the CAROL armchair. The ANTONIO coffee table is a particular favourite. The shape, the colour, the material... everything has been thought out so that it fits easily into any interior. 

-What's the one design piece you can't live without in your home?

I'd say the chair by the famous designer Marcel Breuer. I love the colour, the shape and the mix of wood and leather.

-What's your current obsession?

My current obsession is Daniel Caesar's latest album, Never Enough, released in 2023. It's an R&B-influenced album to listen to at home, ideal for relaxing. 

-Finally, a book, a website, a film, an address, a recent discovery... that you'd like to share with us?

I recently discovered the photographer Benoît Paillé (@benoit_paille on Instagram). I love what he does. His concept is to take photos with a fairly saturated finish, colour gradations with flashy colours, I really like it!


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