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Episode 2 - Xiayan
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Xiayan is 28 years old. She moved from China to Paris 11 years ago and is now based in the 8th arrondissement. She works in the fashion industry a content creator. Her interior reflects her character: minimalist, stylish, sober and intimate.

- How would you describe the style of your interior?

I like sober interiors with a few expressive, chic design pieces. I'm the minimalist par excellence.

- Who is your biggest inspiration?

My outfits are my biggest source of inspiration. I want my home to reflect my personality and my taste. I often find great ideas on Instagram too.

- What does interior design mean to you?

For me it is something essential. My furniture is a part of my story and my ideas. It's not just about my style, but really about me as a person. And about the way I live my life.

- What is the most important thing for you when you’re designing an interior?

The vibe I want to create in the room. You start from scratch and slowly build it all up. For example, I started with the mix of silver pieces and black leather.

- And what was the process that took you to these furnishings?

First of all, I looked for the right sofa - that's definitely the most important piece of furniture for me. Then I always add the matching floor lamp and a coffee table. After that, I can concentrate on the details.

- Finally: a book, a website, a movie, a recent discovery... anything that you’d like to share with us?

Definitely! My 3 favourite films: Her, Mademoiselle and The Danish Girl.

Instagram: @gxiayan


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