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Episode 2 - Manikya
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IN SITU - Manikya

-Hello, can you tell us a bit about your salon?

Our beauty salon is called Manikya, a Slavic salon specialising in manicures, pedicures and facials. It is located at 14 rue des Pyramides, in the heart of the 1st arrondissement of Paris, nestled between avenue de l'Opéra and rue Saint-Honoré. 

-Could you tell us about your renovation project? What were your motivations? What was the context?

It all happened very quickly. We found a great 100 m² boutique with 3.20 m high ceilings. The vision for the project was here in this shop, a shop with a lot of work to do, but we fell in love with it! As far as our motivations were concerned, we'd noticed that there were a lot of nail salons in Paris, but that they all looked the same in terms of interior design - there was nothing striking about them. That's why we wanted to stand out, not only for our services but also for the quality of our interior. 

-What role has design played in the history of your institute? In its core business?

My wife Yulia and I are passionate about interior design. To create our salon, we even started to visualise our project in 3D using interior design software. We started drawing a living room and imagining the project. 

-What were your inspirations for this project?

Our main inspiration for the renovation of our salon was Greek minimalism, which is both Mediterranean and refined. We were very inspired by the hotels in Mykonos because we spend our holidays on this beautiful island every year. We believe that design now plays a very important role in our establishments; we even think that design is an obligation in every business. 

-What do you think of NV GALLERY?

Because of our passion for interior design, we chose NV GALLERY for its very rounded, uncluttered design, which is entirely in keeping with our identity. Our salon is fully equipped with it, whether for the pedicure, manicure or waiting area. We're planning another opening for 2024 and NV GALLERY will still be part of our project.

-What is your favourite piece at NV GALLERY?

Our favourite piece is the taupe GIULIA armchair, which is dedicated to the pedicure area. We think it looks great and is very comfortable for our customers. 


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