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Interview with

Claire Laffut
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RÊVE LUCIDE - The capsule collection

-Hello Claire, first of all, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Claire Laffut, and I'm a Belgian artist, musician and visual artist. My music was born in Paris and is a strange mix of French pop inspired by world music, soul and jazz. My writing resembles haiku, Japanese poetry, in that it is very concise, short and imaginative. I always drew when I was a child, and for me it's a way of escaping and creating the imaginary world of my songs.

Reve LucideReve Lucide
Reve LucideReve Lucide

-What role does design play in your life?

I'm very sensitive to it because my father builds houses and decorates them from A to Z. He first passed on to me his love of objects by taking me to flea markets when I was very young. As I've grown up, I've become more demanding of the objects that surround me, not only in terms of their design, comfort and usefulness, but also in terms of their visual appearance and vibrancy. Finding harmony within yourself and your home is a lifelong journey, and I take it very much to heart.

-How does fashion fit into your approach to everyday life? And in your approach to this collection?

For me, fashion is a carnal envelope, the way in which, as a human being, I manifest myself in the physical world. It gives me body. It's an airlock between my inner world and the outside world. It's a second skin that protects me, like a suit of armor. A canvas in which I get carried away. I like it punk and uncompromising. It has to fit the body and enhance it. Not break them.

-This is your first capsule collection, why did you decide to do it with NV GALLERY? What convinced you?

I was seduced by the desire to create beautiful, affordable design pieces. I'm very honoured that they put their trust in me. It's always moving when brands believe in young talent. I loved the challenge of creating a living space, particularly a lounge, that would be conducive to creativity.

-And where did the inspiration come from? Why did you choose the name "Rêve Lucide" for your collection?

It all started with a trip to Ibiza, where I spent a few months composing music. Last winter, in a Finca, a typical house on the island. The walls were all rounded, organic and white. And objects like tables, chairs and doors were all made of rough wood. "For me, 'Lucid Dream' is the perfect oxymoron in which I live as an artist. I'm always dreaming and trying to interpret the world in a poetic way, while at the same time confronting the real world.

Reve Lucide
Reve LucideReve Lucide

-How did the collaboration with NV GALLERY go? How did you work?

I arrived with material, drawings and moodboards for each piece. NV GALLERY then translated all this into technical drawings and we continued to exchange ideas, from start to finish, on the design of each piece. I was involved in every stage of the creation: from the choice of fabric, to the preparation of the shoot in Lanzarote, to the names we could give the pieces and, of course, the music for the campaign.

-Do you have an anecdote to share about the creation and design of these pieces? And about the filming of the campaign?

I never thought that when I suggested the island of Lanzarote to the NV GALLERY team as a location for the shoot, they'd go for it! It was a wonderful surprise and a great pleasure to work with partners who have a touch of madness about them. Taking the furniture out of its usual setting was the idea, and we set it down on a moon-like beach!

-Who is this collection for?

In an increasingly fast-paced world, it's sometimes difficult to connect with yourself and listen to yourself. I hope to offer support to all those who are looking for harmony, peace and clarity in their living space. That's why the lines in the collection are generous, soft, voluptuous and comforting. They inspire tenderness, femininity and masculinity, thanks to the strong, robust wood that molds to the shape. Nothing is pretentious, nothing is cold.

-What's your favourite piece in the collection and why?

The ISLA armchair. I think it's perfect and surprising because it's asymmetrical. To try it is to love it!

Reve LucideReve Lucide
Reve LucideReve Lucide

-What makes a good collection of design pieces for you?

It's a collection that puts people first and that, like a style of clothing, accompanies us in our everyday lives. If, through its beauty, it manages to give us hope, comfort and light, then it's won everything.

-Do you realize that these pieces will be in the homes of many people in France and Europe? What's the most impressive thing about launching your first capsule collection?

Yes, I do, and I'm happy for them because I know what the pieces exude. The most impressive thing about this adventure is how much everyone loves the design!

-Did you enjoy the exercise? Would you like to do it again?

Yes, I loved it, and I'm not going to stop there. This is just the beginning of the playground.


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