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My Safe Place

-Hello, tell us about you, who are you?

Zoé B : Hi, my name is Zoé Bassetto, I live in Biarritz and I've been a content creator for over 15 years now. 

Emyra : Hi, my name is Emyra, and better known as @lacrazyrevolution. I create content on social media, mainly focused on wellness and second hand. I am a nature lover. 

Federica : Hi, my name is Federica, or @junesixtyfive on social media. I have been a content creator for 8 years now. I love fashion, I'm a fan of decoration and I'm also very manual, I love DIY. 

-What is your relationship with your environment? What is your relationship with consumption?

Zoé B : My relationship with the environment is quite important because I chose to live near the ocean. Nature has a very important place in my daily life. Giving importance to my environment means favouring situations where I feel good. It is also a way for me to manage my anxiety. 

Emyra : Today I live in a very green place. I am very sensitive to it. And since I left Paris, I feel much better. 

Federica : I am very attached to my environment and to what surrounds me. It's essential for me to feel good, in a little cocoon. For example, I moved to the south recently to reconnect with nature, by the sea. It's a place where I feel good and where I am serene. 

-What steps do you take in your daily life to preserve the environment?

Zoé B : So I think I don't have a perfect lifestyle in my everyday life. But I try to change little things in my daily life, namely my way of consuming in fashion, decoration, design... 

Emyra : So I hardly buy new clothes anymore and my shower lasts 3 minutes maximum. 

Federica : I'm becoming more and more careful about the way I consume. I avoid accumulating too many things. I used to buy compulsively. Nowadays, I try to think more before buying. I ask myself more questions, especially when buying decorative products, so that they last over time. I also try to avoid plastic and therefore limit my consumption of plastic bottles for example.

-Do you have a tip that you could give to people who want to be more careful?

Zoé B : One of the pieces of advice I can give is first of all to inform yourself about the product before buying. Personally, I try to consume less but better, whether it's in fashion, decoration or everyday life. And I also think that everything starts with small gestures and that nothing should be minimised. 

Emyra : If I had a first tip to give to people who want to be more careful, it would simply be to start by informing themselves about pollution for example. That's how I started, I became aware of what was going on, I was affected and so I gradually changed some of my daily habits.

-And now, what role does interior design play in your daily life?

Zoé B : Design is a very important part of my life. I've loved decorating since I was a little girl. I love spending time at home so I need to feel good. I love creating atmospheres, pleasant worlds in which you feel good. I also love colours in decoration. 

Emyra : Design is very important to me. There is not much furniture but I prefer quality to quantity.

Federica : So it's very important, I'm a very visual person. But I don't forget the convenient side.

-What do you like about NV GALLERY? What is your favourite piece?

Zoé B : What I like about NV GALLERY is first of all the very affordable prices, and then the timeless design pieces. I really like the Carol armchair that I'm on. I find the combination of buckle and wood very interesting. It's a beautiful, comfortable piece that fits easily into any interior. 

Emyra : I really like the dining room. A large table for entertaining and sharing convivial moments. I love to entertain!

Federica : What I like about NV GALLERY is that there is a good balance between beautiful products and a sustainable approach. I love the Carol chair, it has a lot of presence while remaining sober. 

-What do you like about the BIOPHILIA project?

Zoé B :  What I like about the BIOPHILIA project is that NV GALLERY is committed to an increasingly responsible approach, this is something that is very important nowadays. I am delighted to discover NV GALLERY's commitment in this incredible setting where nature is put forward.

Emyra : What I like about the BIOPHILIA project is the idea of linking nature, responsibility and design at the same time through a unique experience and total immersion in nature.

Federica : In the BIOPHILIA project, I love this idea of reconnecting with nature. I think it's in line with what's happening now; a new way of consuming, a change in our habits, our way of life...

-Finally, what did you like about the My Safe Place experience?

Zoé B : What I liked most was the night in the cabin. A very nice place, well designed, comfortable, inspiring... Waking up in the middle of nature between the trees and the sound of the birds is a quite unique experience.

Emyra : In the My Safe Place experience, what I really enjoyed was the botanical walk to discover the plants. It was very rewarding!

Federica : JI loved being in total immersion in nature. Just in the cabin, I felt like I was alone in the world, surrounded by trees and beautiful natural light. You feel like you are in a little bubble. The place is beautiful, everything has been thought out so as not to clash with the forest. It's a place where you feel good and you don't want to leave.


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