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My Partner in Time

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-Hello Girls, could you introduce yourself?

Wendy : My name is Wendy, I live in Paris and I'm a content creator also known as @wendyswan. 

Lison : My name is Lison, I'm a content creator @lisonseb and I live in Nice. I recently launched my own ready-to-wear brand called Seliijan. 

-What's your typical day like?

Wendy : The days when I don't leave the house are the days when I'm usually dealing with emails or running the company, in which case I work on my sofa or dining table and generally spend 90% of the time in my pajamas haha. But being in Paris, I still have more days when I wander around the city going from meeting to meeting and shooting. It's exciting because every day is different! 

Lison : My typical day revolves around my family and my work. 

-How do you let off steam after a long day? Do you have a routine?

Wendy : I try to do 30 minutes of sport to get everything out of the way at the end of the day, or just take the time to cook and talk about our day with my boyfriend away from our phone. 

Lison : Generally I like to get comfortable, jogging, and relax on my sofa, enjoy my boyfriend and after I get home, I book a video sports session with my coach to decompress. 

-Do you have any tips or advice for managing the intensity of your day?

Wendy : I sometimes wish someone would give me some, because I can easily get overwhelmed! First of all, you have to be physically fit, so I try to get plenty of sleep, eat well and take the time to do some sport. Then it's all a question of organization. I love making to-dos for the day and I prioritize important tasks in the morning, which is when I'm most productive. 

Lison : Breathing, I try to concentrate on my breathing all day whenever I'm stressed. And give myself an hour to myself, to do what I want to do without my phone to cut me off. 

-What would be your guilty pleasure?

Wendy : Food! I'm too greedy and I'm becoming more and more of a sweet team. 

Lison : Dragibus.

-What is your relationship with design? And your lifestyle?

Wendy : People describe me as a minimalist when it comes to fashion and design.I don't like clutter and I need everything to be organized and uncluttered. When it comes to fashion, it's a bit the same: I favor quality over quantity. In the end, I have few pieces but beautiful timeless pieces.

Lison : I've always loved design and paid attention to interior decoration and architecture, my dad being an interior decorator. The same goes for my lifestyle. I've always been passionate about fashion and that's what got me into this profession.

-What do you think of the MASSAO sofa in 3 words?

Wendy : Minimalist, design, curved. 

Lison : Chic, minimalist, elegant.

-What makes you feel at home?

Wendy : Light is essential for me, especially as I work from home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the sun in my flat. I also love my living room, and for me the sofa is the central element of my interior. I love to entertain my nearest and dearest and it's the place where we all get together.I've always insisted on comfort because I spend a lot of time there, and if it's combined with design then it's perfect. 

Lison : I need my interior to be to my taste, beautiful, comfortable, practical and bright. 

-Who's your favorite partner in time?

Wendy : My boyfriend, who is literally my best friend! 

Lison : My darling.

-Do you have a lucky charm?

Wendy : A magnificent Tiffany&Co necklace that my parents gave me for my 25th birthday. I never take it off. 

Lison : I've got 3 in my purse, a photo of my grandmother, a 4-leaf clover and a medal.


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