The Iconic Frenchy



-Hi, could you introduce yourself ?

Julie Sergent Ferreri : Hi! My name is Julie, I'm an architect and content creator on Instagram. I live between Paris and Ajaccio. I found my Parisian flat just a few months ago and I spend my days looking for interior pieces that make me feel good! It's my passion at the moment! 

Anne-Laure Mais : Anne-Laure, artistic director of the Musier Paris brand and content creator. I love painting and hope to take up pottery soon. 

Chloé Lecareux : Hello, my name is Chloé Lecareux and I'm a model and influencer with a passion for fashion, painting, travel, interior design, photography and film. Anything that has to do with creativity. 

-What's your typical day like? What are your favourite activities? Do you have a good one to share with us?

Julie Sergent Ferreri : My typical day starts quite early, around 7am. I'm already opening my emails while drinking my coffee and preparing my post for the day. I usually spend the morning behind the computer and on the phone. Then I spend the afternoon creating content! In the evening I often attend events, otherwise I go out for dinner. I'm a big fan of Italy and the Carpaccio restaurant in Paris. 

Anne-Laure Mais : Adèle, my daughter, often comes to wake me up, I read her a story and then we get ready together, have lunch. It's a really important moment of sharing and then I drop her off at the crèche. Then the day starts with a few emails, some photoshoots or inspiration for my collection plans. Designing is my favourite thing. I don't really draw, so I do a lot of photoshop simulations. 

Chloé Lecareux : First step: taking Pepita (my little cocker spaniel) out. It's quite nice to start the day with a walk. My days are pretty unpredictable, as I'm often on the move. When I'm in Paris, I mainly work from home when I'm not in a photo studio or juggling several appointments. 

-What's your interior style? What's the link between your interior and your style?

Julie Sergent Ferreri : My style is quite eclectic. I love colour, both in my looks and in my interior, but I always mix it with classic, timeless pieces. 

Anne-Laure Mais : I'm quite eclectic, I go for what I like, but I don't like things to be too plain, I like things with character. I'd say that comfort is the key, whether it's my style or my interior. You have to live in a house as well as in your clothes. 

Chloé Lecareux : It's very colourful, and actually looks a lot like me. There are lots of plants, paintings, books and candles. It was quite a spontaneous decoration.

-How would you define "French elegance"?

Julie Sergent Ferreri : French elegance consists of never overdoing things, while at the same time accentuating certain elements. It adds nuance to classic pieces and noble materials. 

Anne-Laure Mais : French elegance is more a question of attitude, and when it comes to decorating, it evokes know-how, beautiful materials and timelessness.

Chloé Lecareux : For me, it's a kind of natural ease. Elegance isn't just about style, it's also about attitude, behaviour, lifestyle and interior design.

-What does the Toile de Jouy pattern mean to you?

Julie Sergent Ferreri : Toile de Jouy is a historic French pattern that has stood the test of time by constantly reinventing itself. It has carved out a place for itself in the world of design and fashion over the years and represents France all over the world! 

Anne-Laure Mais : Precisely, all the French know-how, the most classic but timeless at the same time. I've always loved this pattern, which reminds me of my holidays in the countryside. In fact, I put some in my daughter's bedroom.

Chloé Lecareux : For me, it's an emblematic fabric that represents the tradition of French textiles, and it's very much in vogue in fashion and design.

-Three words to define the limited edition WAYNE Toile de Jouy chair?

Julie Sergent Ferreri : Timeless, Design, Very Frenchy! 

Anne-Laure Mais : Classic, elegant, timeless.

Chloé Lecareux : Elegant, timeless, French know-how. 

-How important is interior design in your daily life? How have you incorporated it into your home?

Julie Sergent Ferreri :  A very big part! It's essential for me to feel at home, I'm very much a homebody and I work from home! I love design and creation, so I have to put my stamp on things as soon as I arrive somewhere! I created an interior in my own image by selecting vintage pieces and making made-to-measure furniture that I mixed with pieces I'd been eyeing for a long time!

Anne-Laure Mais : Let's just say that for the last few months, it's been at the heart of my daily life, as I've been renovating a house in the South of France for 2 years.

Chloé Lecareux : It's an accumulation of lots of little pieces that I've fallen in love with. I like to take my time decorating and add little pieces as I go along. They all have their own little stories and a special place in my home.

-What makes you feel at home?

Julie Sergent Ferreri : Quite simply, my home is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of Paris. 

Anne-Laure Mais : The fact that my home is a reflection of me, comfortable, busy but not too busy, where every object has been hunted down or bought after a lot of thought.

Chloé Lecareux : It's a combination of several factors that create a comfortable and welcoming environment. My flat is very warm, bright and colourful, especially with Pépita who is a real glue pot. I love sitting on my sofa at the end of the day with candles, incense and a book. That's really where I feel good. 

-What do you like about NV GALLERY? What's your favourite room?

Julie Sergent Ferreri :  I love NV GALLERY's timeless designs and the carefully selected materials that enhance the clean lines. I love the Platon armchair, with its childlike ash legs and thick seat!

Anne-Laure Mais : The timelessness of the collections. I really like the Bobine shelves.

Chloé Lecareux : The quality of the pieces, they're timeless. My sofa is really my favourite piece, as are the little footstools that make up the décor of the room. I also like to have pretty chairs and a nice table for dining with friends. It's hard to choose just one piece.



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