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NV KIDS - Matchy-Matchy

- Hello Girls, introduce yourself.

Manon : I am Manon, known as @manonlaime on social networks, Parisian, I am an entrepreneur, founder of the brand @blondielemonade brand of eco-responsible swimwear & about to develop a second brand MAÌA for spring 2024. I share my daily life, my looks and my projects on my Instagram account, I am married to Raphael my darling for 10 years and we have two little girls, Roma & Pia. Lover of the French art of living, Mediterranean culture, travel, Scandinavian decor and Italian food.

Laura : Hello, my name is Laura. I live between Normandy (with my little family) and Paris for my work as a content creator.

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Reve LucideReve Lucide

- What is your typical day?

Manon : Once up, washed, dressed, I prepare a coffee making breakfast with my daughters. I put them in turn at school at 8:30 am and I go to my offices to work with my collaborator Camille or in appointment/ shoot in Paris. Lunch break, we usually have lunch outside, we love to test new addresses and take the opportunity to create content, many places inspire me in Paris. Then we go back to the office or by appointment at 5 pm, back to school to look for the girls and chain my life as a mom until they sleep. Then I go on the computer to work or I cut in front of a series with my husband. I usually go to bed around 22/23h max and again.

Laura : Each day will be different and punctuated by ongoing projects. However, what does not change is that she starts with a hug with my daughter, then we prepare together and the day ends by picking her up at school. Then we enjoy our end of day with family. Either the day takes place at home behind my phone and computer, or I take the train to Paris and I chain appointment & content creation. After she is in bed, I post on the networks and I still work several hours, this is what allows me to make the most of her and be present at the end of the school.

- How do you manage to be well organized between your different businesses and your life as a mother?

Manon : I always liked to plan, organize and a bit «control everything» so the organization is part of my automatisms, I love to organize my days, weeks, projects & routines in advance. It reassures me, saves me time and energy above all, and it allows me the best possible to bring everything in one day. (although 24 hours is too little!)

Laura : Clearly I’m not an organized person, what saves me is to write down everything I have in mind in my "notes" in order to forget nothing.

- Do you have any tips and advice for the organization?

Manon : My advice is to do list, I have dozens of notes in my notebooks, my iPhone notes… I list, I organize (still) my projects, my missions, my desires, my inspirations… It allows me for example to quickly find an idea when it goes through my head, because I note everything!

Laura : Being well surrounded! Having a husband very present helps me to reconcile professional and personal life. We form a beautiful team! The little tips: Using a shared calendar application simplifies the organization of everyday life.

Reve Lucide
Reve LucideReve Lucide

- What is your relationship to design?

Manon : I am absolutely a fan of deco, art and design for years and it was born from Scandinavian deco about 7/8 years ago, I had for years a real passion for Nordic inspirations and all the design and lifestyle that comes close to it.

Laura : Interior design has an important place, especially since I’ve been working from home. I like to feel good, that our interior is warm while remaining very refined.

- How does it work when you think about the room and the spaces of your interior knowing that you have children at an early age?

Manon : When I want to decorate, redesign a space, I always start by flipping through the deco magazines, I make Pinterest moodboards and I then imagine the spaces with my inspirations and my favorites of the moment. I need a lot of white and purity in my decor, it comes from Hygge (a Danish lifestyle that inspires me and soothes me a lot) and it’s the same in our rooms, so obviously in those of my daughters I add warmer tones, more «child». I love pastel colors so it remains soft, soothing and harmonious but overall, white persists, even our sofa! With or without children, I want it ..!

Laura : Since Julia spends much more time in her room than we do, it was important that she have the most spacious and bright room.

- How do you think the decoration in their room? What is most important to you?

Manon : I like that their rooms are quite minimalist (despite the toys that overflow), storage, accessible spaces for them, natural materials and soft and comforting tones. I avoid bright, dark and aggressive colors, I need them to be in a warm environment and feel good and reassured.

Laura : She starts to assert her tastes, so it was important that she likes her and feels good about it. She chose the colors of her room… When I showed her the furniture from the NV KIDS collection, she loved the idea of having a small sofa like her parents. The idea is to create a functional space, comfortable while remaining aesthetic. Its two large closets allow us to store all of his toys while remaining accessible.

Reve Lucide
Reve LucideReve Lucide

- The NV KIDS collection in 3 words?

Manon : NV kids in 3 words: curves, comfort, design.

Laura : This is a very design, comfortable and robust Matchy-Matchy collection.

- What is your favourite piece from the NV KIDS collection?

Manon : Without hesitation the ENZO bench, which will accompany Roma for years, following the evolution of its decoration, its tastes … It is timeless, elegant and so comfortable, no matter its age, it will fit perfectly into its universe.

Laura : My favorite is the office duo ANTONIO and the chair EERO! Hers: "his" sofa AUSTER.

- Are you #matchymatchy?

Manon : My daughter Roma is my muse, of course we’re matchy-matchy, and we love it!

Laura : Yes more than ever!



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