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IN(OUT)SIDE NV - Friends Trip

- Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Ines : My name is Ines Tazi. I'm a French-Moroccan actress, TV personality and content creator and I've just moved to Paris after 2 years in the USA (hence the imminent need for furniture :)).

Claudia : Hello NV team, I'm Claudia, aka @cestclau and I'm a fashion and lifestyle content fashion and lifestyle.

Pierre : I'm Pierre Painchaud, a model and network content creator.

Léa : I'm Léa but they call me Bastet, I'm a content creator on Instagram mainly, I'm also passionate about drawing.

Freja : My name is Freja, I'm 25, Swedish and I've been living in Paris for 6 years. 2 years ago, I decided to embark on a crazy adventure with Rent Club, a clothing rental service, in order to make the fashion world more responsible.

Reve LucideReve Lucide

Reve LucideReve Lucide

- How would you describe the shooting of NV GALLERY's SS24 The Reunion collection?

Ines : I loved the shoot. The crews were great. We were able to create beautiful memories and real moments of sharing. I loved seeing "behind the scenes", and at the same time learning more about the NV GALLERY brand. The location was magical, a kind of impressive Brutalist architecture that set off the set design and furniture so well.

Claudia : The shoot went really well, it was surprisingly fluid. Everything was well organized, like a real buddy trip only better. The mood was upbeat throughout, and it was great fun! I'm still dreaming about it.

Freja : We were lucky enough to find ourselves in a peaceful and absolutely beautiful place, where I had the opportunity to meet inspiring and caring people. Everything was thought out down to the smallest detail to enable us to challenge our creativity and create incredible content. On top of that, NV GALLERY gave us the chance to experience some memorable moments and discover Marrakech in all its splendor thanks to some extraordinary activities.

- On this type of shoot, which job did you find most interesting and why?

Ines : I liked the organization and professionalism of the teams, so sharp. But at the same time there was room for creativity and spontaneity. It was a perfect blend of the two, which is rare.

Pierre : Art direction!

Léa : The job that interested me most was that of Art Director. I loved seeing how all the ideas came to life and took shape in images.

- What do you find most impressive about developing a photo shoot and a trip influence?

Ines : When organizing an influence trip, the selection of group members is crucial. The energy has to work, and it did. The schedule has to allow for fun and relaxation, and at the same time appeal to everyone. Of course, the venue has to be magical. But above all, all its elements must correspond to the brand's DA, and immerse us in its universe. We really immersed ourselves in the NV GALLERY universe, which is great. We don't realize it, but the organization behind a shoot is a huge task, so I applaud the brand's teams. Organizing a shoot during an influential trip is a great idea, it allows you to combine work and pleasure. We were already immersed in the brand's universe, so it was a natural fit and I loved it.

Claudia : It's a risky bet, but it's worth it. There's a lot of human interest, and that's reflected even in the images. It's fun and rewarding at the same time!

Freja : The team's remarkable work in transforming these three days into unforgettable moments, with the right balance between shoot and work times, as well as activities..

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Reve LucideReve Lucide

- What makes you feel at home?

Ines : First of all, the harmony of colors and materials. I also like soft, comforting lighting. I also love having stronger rooms that represent my personality. My "home" has to look like me, so that I feel good in it. I also like clean lines, which help me to be organized and think clearly.

Pierre : The fact that all the rooms in my apartment have a different history, sometimes with a long history and sometimes less. It's this mishmash that gives my apartment its warm atmosphere.

Léa : A simple, uncluttered and bright interior.

- What do you like about NV GALLERY and why?

Claudia : I like the elegance and modernity of the pieces. The fact that there's a common thread running through all the products makes it possible to create a coherent interior by mixing product types.

Pierre : The curves of the products and the emphasis on wooden pieces.

Freja : The clean lines, which remind me of Scandinavian style. And the depth of the range, with ever more beautiful pieces for indoors and out.

- The SS24 The Reunion collection in 3 words?

Ines : Timeless - Playful - Chic.

Claudia : Pure, sunny, minimalist.

Pierre : Clean, soft and sharp.

Léa : Timeless, balanced and harmonious.

Freja : Timeless, gathering and warm.

- What's your favorite piece in the collection?

Ines : My favorite piece in the collection is the OLSON armchair!

Claudia : The TALMA sofa in the very first scene is really my favorite! So beautiful, so comfortable, a real cocoon.

Pierre : The POWERS table lamp.

Léa : My favorite piece is the TALMA sofa. It's modular and you can make lots of different combinations, which is great.

Freja : The TALMA sofa and its infinite variations.

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Reve LucideReve Lucide

- What do you think makes a good friends' trip?

Claudia : The key to a good friends trip is to be well organized first and foremost. Leaving room for spontaneity is cool, but there's nothing like a schedule with all the reservations made in advance to drive the trip. In particular, you need to be in the same time zone and have the same interests, so that you can share activities that appeal to everyone. I choose my vacation destination according to the mood I want to be in with my friends, it's more a group choice because everyone has to fit in.

Pierre : In general, I'm the person who takes the lead in choosing the destination and organizing the trip. The most important criteria for me are: sun, water (sea or lake), NO TOURISTS, nice accommodation (ideally local) and, above all, going with friends who want to do something and not just chill on the beach for the whole vacation.

Léa : For a good friend trip, you need a chill destination, taking everyone's tastes into account. A warm house and a pleasant interior.

- Is design an important criterion for you when choosing a rental? Why or why not?

Inès : Design is of course important to me. I love being in places where I feel comfortable and inspired. What's more, I often take advantage of my travels to shoot content, so if the atmosphere matches, it's perfect.

Pierre : Design is especially important in the place where you're going to stay. A beautiful, tastefully decorated place is bound to have a positive influence on your mood during your stay.

Freja : Design is obviously important to me when I rent a vacation home. I need that "home away from home" feeling to feel good and totally disconnected.

- Finally, what did you like best about Marrakech? An activity to recommend?

Ines : Morocco is my country, I grew up there and my father is Moroccan. So I know it very well, but seeing it from an outsider's point of view through some of the group members discovering it makes me love the experience even more. What's more, being able to share what you know is great, and being able to say everything in Arabic without anyone understanding was just as fun (if not practical, hehe). I love the colors, smells and energy of this city. I recommend the Bab Ourika hotel, it's a real paradise on earth next to Marrakech.

Claudia : The pottery was a real moment of disconnection and relaxation. I loved it! I recommend it 100%. THANK YOU NV GALLERY IT WAS GREAT I LOVE YOU <3.

Pierre : Of course the hot-air balloon ride in the desert!

Léa : What I loved most about Marrakech was the hot-air balloon ride in the desert at sunrise, it was really incredible!

Freja : Quite honestly, this was my best experience in Marrakech and the one I remember the most, thanks to the peaceful, serene atmosphere that was recreated in the house, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. My favorite activity was spending time in this exceptional house with others, where I felt so at home and in perfect harmony with myself.






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