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Products & Maintenance


Does my item come with a warranty?

Of course! All our items have a two-year warranty.

Where can I find the measurements of my item?

The dimensions of each package is shown on the relevant product page, in the “Dimensions” section. These dimensions will help you to organise the delivery of your items as efficiently as possible.

I’d like to receive technical details

Technical details are shown on each product page in the “Details and Dimensions” section.

If you cannot find the information you would like, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.

Can your products be personalised?

Starting with a minimum order of a certain number of items, we can examine the feasibility and price of a customised option.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to customise individual items.

If you are working on a commercial project such as a store, hotel or restaurant, please don’t hesitate to contact our B2B team: we can provide you with a proposal for a complete solution, with the option of adapting the materials used in our products, or their dimensions to create bespoke furniture for you.

Are fabric samples available?

Of course! Virtually all of our fabrics are available as samples. Simply get in touch with our Customer Service by e-mail, stating the items you are interested in and providing your postal address.

We will then send samples to you free of charge.

Know our woods and other natural fibers

At NV GALLERY, we create designs that reflect sustainable and responsible values in both their manufacture and appearance. Here we give you an exclusive insight into our choice of woods and other natural materials.

Suar wood

Suar wood comes from the so-called "rain tree" in Indonesia.

We value this wood especially for its evolution. The rain tree reaches a size of up to 24 meters and absorbs more CO2 than other types. In the 90's several rain tree plantations were established in Indonesia, which are now ready for harvesting and can be replaced by other Suar trees. After the wood has dried for 90 days, it is ready for processing.

The natural grain and unique color of Suar wood make the undisputed charm of this high quality material.

Indian rosewood

Due to its hardness and durability, Indian Rosewood is excellent for making high-quality furniture. We also love this wood for its beautiful ocher tones.

Carbonized wood

A trend inspired by Japan in which the facades of houses magically shimmer black thanks to carbonized wood. The technique consists in burning the top layer of wood to make it more resistant and give it a unique charm with almost endless variations of colors and textures.

We love this completely unique technique that brings an incomparable style to our home.

Mindi wood

Mindi wood is a tropical wood with unique grain. We love this solid wood for its robustness and noble appearance.

Mango wood

Mango wood not only has a unique appearance, but is also particularly environmentally friendly! This wood is harvested only when the tree can no longer bear fruit.


Rattan is a type of palm tree from the tropical rainforest that is both durable and resilient. We like to use rattan in a "mix & match" style for a natural, elegant decor.

Our tip: Keep rattan furniture away from moisture and excessively dry air so that it retains its original properties. Rattan furniture is best cleaned with a damp cloth.

Rattan weave

Rattan weave is created from an artisanal weaving technique of the rattan cane. The artfully woven rattan furniture is timeless and elegant and brings a touch of boho feeling into your home.

MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard 

The MDF board is originally from Japan and was invented to curb the uncontrolled deforestation of tropical rainforests. It is a wood-based material that consists of wood flour and plant fibers. On the outer layer we put a thin solid wood board. We make sure that it is a non-endangered species of wood.

MDF + veneer wood 

Oak veneer (bathroom): oak wood is particularly dense and thus has a natural protection against water. That is why we use it for our bathroom furniture. 

Oak veneer (other furniture): Oak wood is very resistant. As a veneer wood panel, it not only provides the certain stability but also brings character to your 4 walls.

Acacia wood

The gray beautiful color of this wood is achieved by water-based paints, which are weather resistant and at the same time environmentally friendly. We try to preserve the natural look of each piece of wood, which adds to the uniqueness of our products.

Solid wood

Solid wood is very robust and resistant. Each piece of wood has an individual grain and is therefore unique. We love solid wood for its natural, original look and durability.

* Our furniture is handmade. Therefore, they may have small irregularities, which gives all their charm. 


Wood is sensitive to exposure to sunlight. We suggest that you avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight to avoid any marks or sun bleaching.

We advise that you use a soft cloth that has been very slightly dampened with soapy water.

All liquids can cause damage to wood. If you’ve just spilled something on your surface, ensure that you sponge it off very quickly.

Marble-effect stone

In our shop you will find products with Marble-effect stone that consists of a mixture of natural granulated marble and quartz. This mixture makes it much harder wearing than pure marble, and more suitable for use as a coffee table or dining table.

You will also find products out of real marble, that were treated specifically for everyday use - no marks, no absorption.

Nevertheless, be careful with both with liquids and excessively acidic cleaning products (vinegar, red wine, lemon juice, and fruit juices as well as chemicals such as limescale removers) which can attack the stone and cause damage that cannot be rectified.

Quickly wipe away marks with a soft cloth that has been very slightly dampened with soapy water.


Our Terrazzo tables are handcrafted, their design is entirely manual.

Terrazzo is a material made up of pieces of marble and concrete or resin which creates a smooth and luxurious material.

We liked it traditional and do not use varnish or any other protective layer to preserve this very particular aspect.

Therefore Terrazzo requires more careful maintenance than marble effect stone because it is more porous.

Our care advices:

Clean with water or a neutral detergent (neither acidic nor alkaline) and wipe with a damp cloth.

Quickly wipe off any drops of water.

Use coasters to protect the plate.


All our velvets are selected for their high quality and dust resistance in order to keep maintenance easy. They are also martindale tested to guarantee long-term use.

For an ideal maintenance we advise:

The use of a soft textile brush - Avoid unsuitable or hard bristle brushes. In the event of an undesirable stain, we recommend the use of a slightly moistened microfiber cloth - Do not use soaked water (!). For a brief vacuuming cleaning, don't use maximum power, this could damage the fabric.

Warning: Never use a steam cleaner on your velvet, this could permanently damage it.

Fabric care [excluding velvet]

Natural and stain-removing tip, tested and approved by our teams:

Sommières earth is ideal for getting rid of stains, and in particular those due to thanks to its absorbent properties. It is suitable for a multitude of textiles, even the most delicate, and also helps neutralize bad odors caused by stains. Non-toxic and non-flammable.

1. Remove excess liquid or fat with paper towels.

2. Then sprinkle generously with sommières earth and leave to act for 1 to 2 hours, or even overnight for better results depending on the nature of the task.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove powder residue.

Do not hesitate to repeat the operation if necessary.

Removable covers maintenance

Aperitif with friends, children playing with markers, ... Your sofa cover needs cleaning?

First, be sure to remove the stain yourself (absorbent paper, mattress soil, baking soda, etc ... depending on the model of your sofa).

If you are starting your spring cleaning and want to wash your cover completely, we only recommend a dry cleaning or dry cleaning so as not to alter the nature of your sofa cover. If in doubt or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mistakes not to make

. To avoid altering the color of your fabric, do not expose your sofa to direct sunlight, especially if it is filtered through bay windows.

. Wet your sofa with plenty of water: beware of the risk of halo

. Test a product directly on your fabric: first try on an invisible corner

. Do not consult the recommendations

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