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    NV Gallery infuses home furnishings with fashion-driven, modern European design – offering just the right details to affordably create a personal style statement in your home. We believe that a home should dare to reflect you as an individual and that quality, show-stopping furniture can work for everyday life and every budget.


    During our travels, we consistently found that interior design meant more than just functionality. Interior trends capture the spirit and character of a place or person and truly communicates a chosen ambiance through a mix of materials, shapes and colors.

    Style & Inspiration Get inspired by our fashion-forward design. Your home should reflect your personality!

    Quality is Chic The quality of our products is our top priority – to make every shopping experience at NV GALLERY positive.

    Fair Prices Unique and interesting design can be available at fair prices – it’s true! Our promise: the best value for our customers without sacrificing design or quality.

    Inspired by the personality of interiors all over the world, we wanted to incorporate these feelings at home. But, we found that shopping for furniture meant being caught between worlds – one where all the affordable products were impersonal and monotonous or too commercial and lacking in quality. Modern European design, while stylish and inventive, had us shocked at the price point.

    So, we founded NV Gallery to create elegant and vibrant furniture at accessible price points. Our goal is to design furniture that oozes style and celebrates individuality – featuring everyday conversation starters, show-stoppers, and statement pieces. We bring classic silhouettes to the next level by adding a stylish twist to help you create an interior that is as unique and distinctive as you.

    With an eye towards the new and the next, we infuse our design with inspiration from the runways, international cities, and modern architecture, all with the aim of elevating your interior style. 

    In the end, we firmly believe your furniture and home décor should reflect you! Dare to be bold and invent the story of you at home.


    We strive for the highest quality while offering affordable price points. Working directly with manufacturers with no intermediaries involved, we eliminate many of the costs traditionally associated with furniture retail, ensuring high quality for all of our products at lower prices. We pass all the savings straight to you! 


    We handpick our partners – dedicating time and resources to finding the best fit for our business. Each partner is evaluated based on strict guidelines before any production begins.

    NV Gallery also only produces in limited quantities – just what is needed! We are conscious of the environment and believe that mass production should never be the only way to reach lower prices.