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Season 2 - Episode 3
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Bénédicte Burguet-Journé

-Hi Bénédicte, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm a fashion, beauty and jewellery journalist. In life, I'm passionate about images and words, but also about literature, poetry, photography and video. 

-How would you define your interior style? What inspires you?

Minimalist and clear. I like things that are uncluttered and bright. I draw my inspiration mainly from architects such as Pierre Yovanovitch, Joseph Dirand, Adolf Loos and Alberto Campo Baeza, and from all the Case Study Houses. 

-What's the link between your interior and your style?

Very little. You could say that my style matches my interior: very simple, with little or no embellishment, clean cuts and pretty materials. 

-How did you come up with the design of your flat and the spaces?

Everything came naturally; it was the volumes and organisation of the rooms that dictated the decor. 

-How important is interior design in your daily life?

It's central to our lives, because we spend a lot of time surrounded by our furniture. 

-Do you have a lot of antique pieces at home? What's your relationship with vintage?

Énormément, car le mobilier « ancien » est très souvent de meilleure qualité que le mobilier « moderne »Very much so, because « old » furniture is often of better quality than « modern » furniture.

-What do you like about NV GALLERY? What's your favourite piece?

Minimalism. So my favourite pieces would be the TODD sofa and the EMILIO side table.

-What's the one design piece you can't live without in your home?

A beautiful sofa and armchairs. 

-What's your typical day like? How do you manage your various activities?

I get up early, look after myself and then my daughter, who we take in turn to school. Then I work at a steady pace until 6.30pm. At that point, time stands still and for 1.5 hours I'm 100% into my role as a mother. I often do a bit of work on my personal projects in the evening. 

-What's your current obsession? A book, a website, a film, an address, a recent discovery... that you'd like to share with us?

Baking my own bread. It's my favourite food and discovering that it's so easy to make makes me crazy with joy. 


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