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Episode 7 - Ludily
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- Can you introduce yourself? Can you present your work?

Hello, my name is Ludwig Fiuza Frenoy, I'm an interior architect and founder of Ludily, a company specializing in interior architecture and design. I design worlds that blend bourgeois and contemporary, while drawing inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian values. We work with private individuals and professionals who need support with their projects, from advice and project studies to project management. In fact, we love it when our customers entrust us with turnkey projects. We work with materials that are steeped in history, with a patina that develops over time, and with attention to detail.

Reve LucideReve Lucide
Reve LucideReve Lucide

- Could you tell us about your project? What was the background to the project PENCHIENATTI ?

The aim of this renovation was to combine two separate apartments into a harmonious 75 m² family space. We had to redefine the configuration of this old apartment in Nice to gain clarity. No partition was spared. The former living room and the former master bedroom were combined to create a double living room comprising the kitchen/dining area and the living room. The kitchen, characterized by the combination of oak and Terrazzo, was organized around the ADRIANO dining table in walnut and its UBERTO chairs in chromed metal and mustard yellow. The double living room is bordered by oak parquet laid in a herringbone pattern. To add a touch of character, our staff craftsmen did a remarkable job on the cornices and on the picture rails to incorporate mirrors. A little further away, the former studio has been transformed into a master bedroom, with a study following on from the dressing room, complete with a KINGSCROSS desk chair in black metal and Dorian gray. The room is visually separated by wooden slats. The former kitchen has been replaced by a first children's bedroom, designed around sports. A second children's bedroom was designed around the world of dinosaurs.

- Could you tell us about your project? What was the background to the project JOFFRE ?

The renovation of this 120 m² former law firm in the Carré d'Or district involved a complete reorganization to create a family apartment with a clean, contemplative decor that appeals to all our senses. We wanted to highlight the building's classic architectural elements, adding a minimalist, soothing atmosphere. The living spaces are cleverly organized to create multiple perspectives. The kitchen has been organized around a large island combining Taj Mahal quartzite and walnut wood, with its RAY bar chairs in black and white curly metal. In the majestic dining room, the marble fireplace has been removed in favor of a rounded wall and a window that illuminates the space. The dining table is in walnut wood, surrounded by RAY chairs in black and white curly metal. On the lounge side, an alcove has been created behind the beige vanilla AUSTER corner sofa to accommodate a bookcase. The whole set is laid on 38° Hungarian oak parquet specially made for this apartment, enhancing the bourgeois look. Finally, the master suite features an oak dressing room that separates the bedroom from the shower. The office, meanwhile, has taken the place of the former filing cabinet, and the Chinese Tea green shade covering the walls and ceiling contrasts with the leafy upholstery and RAY office chairs to immerse you in this gentle interlude.

Reve LucideReve Lucide
Reve LucideReve Lucide

- What were your inspirations for the project PENCHIENATTI ?

For the Penchienatti apartment project, our inspirations were multiple. First of all, we were guided by the desire to create a harmonious family space by bringing together two separate apartments. We drew our inspiration from the need to redefine the configuration of the space to gain clarity and fluidity. Every choice was motivated by our desire to create an environment where every member of the family would feel comfortable and at home.

We were inspired by simplicity and elegance, combining natural materials such as oak and terrazzo to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, we incorporated playful, child-stimulating design elements, such as sports- and dinosaur-inspired motifs, into the children's rooms. Finally, our inspiration was also fueled by our commitment to preserving the history and unique character of this former apartment in Nice, highlighting its architectural details while integrating them harmoniously into a modern, functional design.

- What were your inspirations for the project JOFFRE ?

While designing this project, we were inspired by the transformation potential of this former law firm in the Carré d'Or district. Our aim was to create a welcoming, uncluttered family apartment, highlighting the building's classic architectural elements. We drew our inspiration from the search for a minimalist, soothing atmosphere, while preserving the history and character of the space. Every element was carefully thought out to offer a complete sensory experience, using quality materials and paying particular attention to detail. Our approach was guided by the desire to create a place where every member of the family would feel at home, surrounded by comfort and beauty.

- What do you think of NV GALLERY furniture and brand?

We love offering NV GALLERY to our customers, because not only is the design timeless and totally in line with our vision of decoration, but the prices are affordable, so you can afford beautiful pieces without compromising on your overall budget.

Reve LucideReve Lucide
Reve LucideReve Lucide

- What is your favorite NV GALLERY piece?

Right now, the AUSTER range is clearly our favorite. We've featured it in several of our projects, and it always has the same effect. Thanks to its modularity, you can separate the seats by disassembling them. From a large corner sofa, you end up with a straight sofa and an armrest, or a sofa, an armchair and an armrest. In just a few moments, you change the look of the space. It makes you want to sprawl out on it, and that's how it usually ends.

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